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Welcome to O'Neil Architecture, where your vision meets our expertise to create stunning, bespoke homes in Auckland. Specialising in high-end residential architecture, we bring precision, craftsmanship, and a personalised approach to every project.

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O'Neil Architecture stands at the forefront of innovative design and exceptional quality. With years of experience in crafting luxurious homes, our Auckland-based team is dedicated to delivering architectural solutions that are not only visually striking but also intimately connected to the needs of our clients.

Our Design Philosophy

We believe that great architecture transcends physical structures. At O'Neil, we strive to design spaces that reflect the aspirations and lifestyles of those who inhabit them, ensuring every project is a perfect blend of comfort, sustainability, and elegance.

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Explore our portfolio of breathtaking projects across Auckland, each a testament to our commitment to excellence. From contemporary urban residences to sprawling suburban estates, see how our designs have transformed the Auckland landscape.

Hear directly from our clients who have turned their dream homes into reality with O'Neil Architecture. Their stories highlight our collaborative approach and the bespoke results we achieve.

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