Sustainability is a key consideration in all decisions that we make when we design. We prioritise making our homes as resource-efficient in their construction and occupation as we can.

Our approach results in a home that is comfortable and healthy, costs you less to run, and ultimately looks fabulous.

Environmentally Sustainable Design is not an optional extra.

The Gate House recently won the APL Sustainable and Environmental Excellence Award at the 2022 Registered Master Builder awards. Notable passive measures include optimal solar orientation that feed batteries stored indoors, passive heating from exposed concrete floors, superior insulation, natural cross ventilation and cooling from the rolling slatted screens. Bulk rainwater harvesting, extensive water storage and re-use. The water is supplied by two bore wells feeding two primary water tanks and an additional buffer tank. In addition to the above, Henry Blakely Landscapes has ensured the outdoor space has also benefitted from sustainable approaches with extensive areas of native species being planted on retired farmland to encourage the return of bird life.

How we design to be more sustainable.